Tips to sell quickly.

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  2. Sell By Owner or list with a Real Estate Agent…but be sure to:
    • Clean, Stage and be Move-in Ready
    • Remove clutter
      Take a look at all the stuff in your house with a critical eye and remove everything that can be considered clutter from plain sight. Make your house clean and inviting.
    • Fix up the interior
      Fix the simple stuff like holes in walls, make sure doors and windows open and close properly, replace burnt out light bulbs, etc.
    • Fix up the exterior
      Curb appeal is very important. First impressions make a big difference. Most buyers will do an initial drive by before deciding to continue further.
    • Marketing – Use the Internet and spread the word
      While online property listings take some time and effort to set up, that’s where most buyers begin looking, so make sure your house is listed on popular real estate sites. Don’t skimp on having plenty of high quality pictures. You need your house to look visually attractive and appealing, so pictures that show your property off well are critical.
      Let everyone around you be aware of the fact that you’re selling your house. Word of mouth, community advertising, and social media are helpful tools as well. If you’re willing to draw the attention of potential buyers in a less traditional manner, consider auctioning or listing your house on sites like eBay or craigslist.
    • Discount the asking price
      This by far is the most important tip. In general, the houses that sell the fastest in any neighborhood are the ones that look the best and are priced right. You can make your house more enticing by being 5-10% lower in price than other like properties. If you can’t afford to play the usual waiting game, slashing your asking price and cutting your losses means you can move on quickly and minimize that slow financial bleed.